About the Author

Kait is an ex-expat readjusting to Seattle after 2+ years teaching in Seoul. Her need to travel is a chronic condition soothed by walks in new places and breaths of different air, but home is wherever she is with her brilliant fiancé and their less-brilliant cat, Eliot. Sometimes, she writes, and other times, she can be found singing embarrassing songs in classrooms. She always feels better after buying a new houseplant, and she finds it difficult to live without rain, music, and Mexican food.


  1. Um, I love your blog. I found it through Lauren (Filing Jointly) and LOVED your interview with her! I'm adding you to my "must read" list! I, too, am aiming to not be part of the white noise that's out there, though with my ramblings about J-Lo, I'm pretty sure I might be failing.....

    Keep up the good work!!!

    1. Wow, thank you so much, Becky! I'm so glad you liked Lauren's interview, and that you like what you see over here. I'll have to make sure I update more regularly so I don't bore my few beloved readers :)

      Also, you're hilarious - I just read your post about texting/bears/popcorn and I do EXACTLY THE SAME THING at airports. Hudson News employees should be given a photo of me so they can call security when they see me; it would really just be safer for everyone involved if I didn't try to fit an entire display of Ritz Bitz in my mouth.

      Thanks again for reading!

  2. I absolutely adore your blog, but I can't find a follow button anywhere. AHH! Help me!
    P.S. You're a wonderful writer. Keep writing.

  3. Yikes, I didn't even realize I didn't have a follow button. It is (hopefully) fixed! Thank you for reading - and following!

    PS. That's very sweet, and I'll keep at it :)