Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Malaysia, Part Two: Batu Caves

Remember how I promised all the monkeys at the teasing end of Part One? Time to deliver on that promise. The Batu Caves proved itself to be worth all our sweat and dehydration. A slow, 8-mile train ride away from the center of Kuala Lumpur delivered us worlds away.

The Hindu shrine is home not only to a devastatingly awe-inspiring cultural and spiritual immensity, but also to a population of rather bold monkeys known for stealing valuables and snatching snacks from unwary tourists. They sure were wonderful.

This guy doesn't give a crap about your renewed sense of wonder and majesty.

So. Many. Stairs.

One of my favorite photos I've ever taken. Something resonates about points of light in the dark, the quiet in the heat.

Oh yeah, and bananas. Stereotypes, man.

One particularly feisty monkey made off with a woman's offering of flowers intended for one of the cave-sheltered shrines. I hope they were as tasty as they were beautiful.

I wasn't joking about those snacks.


I think this monkey had a big touch of the crazy, but maybe we just caught it on an off day, photogenic-wise.

Then there was this little girl. I feel like if I was a monkey, I'd be her, insecurely fidgeting with and chewing on her own tail.

Surprise bonus? Baby monkey.

My first ever coconut water straight from the coconut. So good.

Next up in Part Three, we take a quick trip to the town of Melaka, where we encounter the next best animals after monkeys: MALAYSIAN KITTENS.

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